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04 Dec All About Posture

The Importance of Good Posture

It is important to improve posture for your overall health and wellness.  Posture is the position in which you hold your body while you stand, sit, lay down or do physical activity. Maintaining a good posture helps keep your body in proper alignment, improves your balance, and can prevent or reduce your risk of certain health issues.

People with poor posture have a higher risk of pulmonary and cardiovascular issues. Why? Because it can force the heart to have to work harder to get more blood through a caved-in chest. Bad posture can also impact the ability to take a full, deep breath into the lungs.

Not having a good posture can also be painful! It can cause joint pain due to the increased stress on joints and ligaments. Weak posture can lead to muscular pain and strain. It can even put you at greater risk of falling and incurring physical injuries. It can even


The Cause of Bad Posture

If you have weak or poor posture, you are not alone. We are typically not even conscious of our posture, since instead we rely on our muscles to do the work for us without even thinking about it. But so many of us spend a good chunk of our days slouching in a chair in front of a computer, hunched over a keyboard, that our bodies are conditioned to hold poor posture as the result of years of bad habits.


Ways to Improve Posture

Fortunately there are ways to improve your posture tremendously.

First, you need to recognize your current habits and work on correcting them. By following guidelines for proper postural positioning, you can work on improving your posture all day long while doing your normal activities —even sleeping!

Second, by performing the right exercises, you can train your body to into an improved posture. Exercises that help with posture include certain kinds of yoga, Pilates and stretching moves.

Please note that you should always check you’re your doctor before beginning any new exercise. A chiropractor is especially trained in this area. If you don’t already have one, you may want to find a Chicago chiropractor who can not only clear you for exercise, but provide an exercise routine and proper postural guidelines that will help you maximize results while minimizing your risk of injury.


A Few More Tips about Posture

Did you know that have good posture can also make you look younger and thinner? People with good posture seem taller than they are, look 10 pounds lighter, and exude poise and confidence.

Maintaining a good posture is essential for good health. Get a recommended Tinley Park chiropractor who will provide an exercise regimen and proper posture guidelines customized specifically for you.