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Chicago Scoliosis & Back Pain Support

Many people worldwide suffer from lower and upper back pain as well as stiffness and inflammation within their joints. Some ailments can be cured and managed with the assistance of a local Chiropractor or Sports Medicine practitioner.  Then there are other pains and issues such as Scoliosis  that must be tended to by a professional Medical Practitioner.

Here you will find information on symptoms, causes and treatments for Scoliosis as well as chiropractor and sports medicine treatments.

22 Jun How to get rid of hair lice

Let me guess, the health clerk at the school where your kid attends called with rather unpleasant news that they found lice in your little one and now it is simply scaring the daylights out of you. You don’t even know where this vermin came from but you want it to go away and never come back. And because you know you don’t know much about removing head lice in Atlanta, you pick up your phablet and type “How to get rid of hair lice”. And so here we are! Lucky for you, head lice are incredibly easy to kill. Once you remove them and their eggs from your hair it is only a matter of hours. In addition, ovicidal lice medicines take care of the egg problem preventing re-infestation from newly hatched nymphs (lice babies)

OTC lice removal solutions

  • Pyrethrins
  • Permetrhin lotions
    • Prescription lice medicines
  • Lyermectin lotion
  • Spinosad
  • Malathion
  • Lindane shampoo
  • Benzyl alcohol lotion

The most important thing to remember when using artificial medicines to kill head lice is that while lice themselves are harmless to your health save for the discomfort, the same can hardly be said for the harsh chemicals used in some products. Use no more than is required as per the instructions. Also important is not to combine these medicines with shampoo and conditioner as they might react forming something else.
Homemade remedies for head lice

1. Vinegar
Vinegar is rich in acetic acid which kills lice almost instantly. Additionally, because its excellent properties as an organic solvent, vinegar will help dissolve dead nits which are otherwise difficult to remove from hair after treatment.
2. Mayonnaise
If you can’t get these little monsters any other way, why not suffocate them buried deep in mayonnaise. You just need to apply a thick coat of the mayonnaise and cover with a plastic shower cap for over five hours. Do this once a week for four weeks and you are in the clear.
3. Coconut oil
Coconut oil will work much the same way as mayonnaise. It will eventually suffocate the lice and dissolve their hatcheries.
4. Onions
Onions contain sulfur which is a component of many antidandruff and lice products crushed onion juice applied to infested areas will kill the lice. You should repeat twice a week for three to four weeks for lasting results

If you want a quick fix for your lice problem then you will have to opt for effective natural solutions to exterminate the vermin. Otherwise, perhaps your child only mildly infected or you hear that a lot of the kids at he the school have head lice and you are seeking out homemade remedies for head lice to keep you young one safe. Whichever the case, the above are all ways in which you can get rid of head lice easily.

Data provided in conjunction with The Louse Girl – Atlanta Mobile Lice Removal

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03 Apr Avoid these common mistakes on your med School essay

Med school students

It is clear that some students don’t care about the medical essay. On the contrary, they focus on other key elements required when applying for med school. Med school essay editing can be really hard if you have no idea what to do.

There are a lot of common mistakes applicants make without knowing as they spend less time learning more about how to write a perfect personal statement. Instead; they seek help from Medical school statement editing expert to help them with their essays.

A few applicants are selected to join the med school. Med school can be challenging and hard. It is the work of the admission board members to shortlist the best. Personal statement is used to shortlist applicants. It should therefore be taken seriously. Med school essay editing will no longer be difficult. Follow me as I highlight common mistakes most applicants make on their personal statement.

Do you know that a personal statement gives you the perfect opportunity to market yourself to the board members? There is no need of hiring a Medical school statement editing expert to write a personal statement for you. Instead; you can learn some common mistakes which people make when writing their med school essay.

The first mistake most applicants do is write is presenting their statements in a similar manner. Think outside the box. Avoid writing essays which talk about your passion to pursue medicine since childhood. Simply highlight events which sparked your desire to pursue medicine. When consulting a med school essay editing expert, keep in mind that your personal statement should be unique. Ask for their guidance, but write your med school essay.

Simply state facts as they are. Don’t exaggerate your statements. Remember the admission board members are human.

The next step is to show the admission Board why you are a perfect candidate to join the medical fraternity. Don’t simply say it. This is a common mistake which most applicants aren’t aware about. A good medical school statement editing expert might highlight this point. This is the part where you show your engagement in voluntary work such as community service and clinical expert.

The medical fraternity is not easy as most applicants tend to think. A person keeps learning on a daily basis. I am strongly against hiring a med school essay editing expert to write a personal statement for you. Do you know that a personal statement displays your character and personal traits? Simply seek advice from these experts and write your own personal statement.

It is also important to use some writing statements when writing your med school essay. Most applicants write flat and boring personal statement. There are many personal statements which the admission board reads on a daily basis. Ensure your essay stands out or you might lose the chance of being admitted into the med school. A perfect personal statement uses some writing techniques such as metaphors and similes to make their essays interesting to read. Remember you have one shot to impress.


I hope I have simplifies the med school essay editing process. Avoid the above mistakes and you might outdo other applicants. I strongly advise you seek guidance from the medical school statement editing experts before writing your personal statement.

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04 Dec All About Posture

The Importance of Good Posture

It is important to improve posture for your overall health and wellness.  Posture is the position in which you hold your body while you stand, sit, lay down or do physical activity. Maintaining a good posture helps keep your body in proper alignment, improves your balance, and can prevent or reduce your risk of certain health issues.

People with poor posture have a higher risk of pulmonary and cardiovascular issues. Why? Because it can force the heart to have to work harder to get more blood through a caved-in chest. Bad posture can also impact the ability to take a full, deep breath into the lungs.

Not having a good posture can also be painful! It can cause joint pain due to the increased stress on joints and ligaments. Weak posture can lead to muscular pain and strain. It can even put you at greater risk of falling and incurring physical injuries. It can even


The Cause of Bad Posture

If you have weak or poor posture, you are not alone. We are typically not even conscious of our posture, since instead we rely on our muscles to do the work for us without even thinking about it. But so many of us spend a good chunk of our days slouching in a chair in front of a computer, hunched over a keyboard, that our bodies are conditioned to hold poor posture as the result of years of bad habits.


Ways to Improve Posture

Fortunately there are ways to improve your posture tremendously.

First, you need to recognize your current habits and work on correcting them. By following guidelines for proper postural positioning, you can work on improving your posture all day long while doing your normal activities —even sleeping!

Second, by performing the right exercises, you can train your body to into an improved posture. Exercises that help with posture include certain kinds of yoga, Pilates and stretching moves.

Please note that you should always check you’re your doctor before beginning any new exercise. A chiropractor is especially trained in this area. If you don’t already have one, you may want to find a Chicago chiropractor who can not only clear you for exercise, but provide an exercise routine and proper postural guidelines that will help you maximize results while minimizing your risk of injury.


A Few More Tips about Posture

Did you know that have good posture can also make you look younger and thinner? People with good posture seem taller than they are, look 10 pounds lighter, and exude poise and confidence.

Maintaining a good posture is essential for good health. Get a recommended Tinley Park chiropractor who will provide an exercise regimen and proper posture guidelines customized specifically for you.

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29 Nov Back Pain

scoliosis_002Did you know that back pain is the second most common reason for medical visits? 8 out of 10 people will be affected by some level of back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain can range from a sudden sharp pain to a constant dull ache. Acute back pain comes suddenly and lasts from a few days to a few weeks. Chronic back pain stays constant for three months or more.

For mild pain, over-the-counter pain relievers and taking it easy for a little while can help. But ignoring the problem and resting for too long could actually make the problem worse. If the pain is severe or doesn’t improve after a few days, you should see a healthcare provider.

For the majority of people experiencing back pain, they can be successfully treated with surgery. Non-surgical treatment options for back pain include cold packs, application of heat, prescription drugs, injections, and specific physical therapy exercises. Which treatment is right for you will depend on the level of pain you experience and the underlying cause of your back pain. Find a great local chiropractor in your area to help you identify the cause of your back pain and recommend the best treatment for you.

One potential cause of back pain is joint dysfunction. A joint dysfunction is when two or more vertebrae are misaligned and aren’t functioning together the way they should. Joint dysfunctions often go unnoticed for a long time, and can eventually lead to symptoms in other parts or joints of the body as well. So by the time back or joint pain, decreased mobility and other issues show up, the underlying condition may have been present for months or even years.

Fortunately, these problems can be detected and treated with early routine chiropractic care. Find a Bolingbrook chiropractor today, and take control of your health and wellness.

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28 Nov About Scoliosis

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is an abnormal curve in the spine. The bones of the spine of a person with scoliosis twist sideways, forming a “C” or “S” shaped curve.

About 2-3% of Americas have scoliosis by age 16 (according to WebMD). People of all ages have scoliosis, although it most often occurs during the growth experienced right before puberty, causing pre-teens and teenager (between ages 9 and 15 years) to be impacted more than other age groups. In most of these cases, the curvature is mild. However, some children develop spine deformities that increase in severity as they grow up.

Mild backbone usually doesn’t need to be treated. However, some people have such a severe curvature of the spine that their lungs can’t function adequately. Girls are more likely than boys to develop scoliosis.

Man with backache. Pain in the man's body. Black and white photo with red dots

Causes of Scoliosis

Here are some of the types of scoliosis, and their causes:

  • Idiopathic scoliosis: The term “idiopathic” refers to a disease, condition or disorder where the cause is unknown. This majority of scoliosis cases are idiopathic.
  • Congenital scoliosis: The disorder is present at birth, due to bone abnormalities.
  • Degenerative scoliosis: The disorder results from bone trauma due to an illness, injury, back surgery or a bone disease such as osteoporosis.
  • Neuromuscular scoliosis: The disorder results from medical conditions relating to the muscles or nerves, such as muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy or spina bifida.

Scoliosis can be caused other medical conditions, such as muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy. But for the majority of scoliosis cases, the cause of the disorder is unknown.

The disorder can run in families.

Symptoms of Scoliosis

There are some physical indicators of scoliosis, including:

  1. Uneven shoulders
  2. Uneven waist
  3. One shoulder blade that is more prominent than the other
  4. One hip that is more prominent than the other
  5. One side of the rib cage sticks out more than the other
  6. The spine / body tilts or twists to one side

Although severe scoliosis can cause back pain and difficulty breathing, there is generally no pain associated with the mild curvature of the spine, and so often the disorder goes unnoticed.

Diagnosing Scoliosis

A routine checkup by a pediatrician or family doctor may lead to the detection of spine curvature. A physical examination of the bones and an x-ray of the spine are then made to determine the type of scoliosis.

Treatment for Scoliosis

Adolescents diagnosed with scoliosis are monitored regularly, usually with physical exams and X-rays. In most cases, no treatment is necessary. For cases with the spinal curvature is between 25 and 40 degrees, the patient may be required to wear a brace to prevent the curvature from getting worse.

But if the condition worsens over time, surgery may be recommended to both reduce the severity of the curvature and prevent it from worsening further.

Although studies have shown that exercising won’t prevent scoliosis from progressing, people with scoliosis should stay active for their overall health.

More information about the types of braces and surgery for scoliosis can be found at

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